Pipelines from scratch


I'm assuming

fly -t ci login -c http://localhost:8080

You're now a pipeline sculptor, and fly is your chisel. We'll use it repeatedly to (re-)set the pipeline over and over. There are many subcommands to fly, but the one sequence you should learn by heart is set-pipeline with its parameters:

fly -t ci set-pipeline -p my-pipeline -c pipeline.yml
  • -t specifies the aliased target ci of the Concourse instance
  • -p instructs fly to use my-pipeline as the name of the pipeline
  • -c points at a YAML file with the pipeline definition

Two more remarks:

  • I recommend using the sp shorthand for set-pipeline
  • Sometimes we'll interpolate variables into the pipeline from the external file, and we'll use the -l switch to do that.

Okay, that's it. Store the following in your muscle memory and let's get on with sculpting:

fly -t ci sp -p my-pipeline -c pipeline.yml [-l vars.yml]