Crontab Time Trigger

For the time resource shipped with Concourse trigger precision is an anti-goal.

This resource is built to satisfy "trigger this build at least once every 5 minutes,"
not "trigger this build on the 10th hour of every Sunday."
That level of precision is better left to other tools.

For to-the-minute precision and cron-like capability, use Cron Resource. Because the resource is not built-in, you must declare its use in the resource-types section of the pipeline.

For example, to use crontab triggering on top of every hour, declare it as follows:

- name: cron-resource
type: docker-image
repository: cftoolsmiths/cron-resource
- name: 00-trigger
type: cron-resource
expression: "0 * * * *"
location: "Europe/Moscow"